How to Clean Wood Floors

How to Clean Wood Floors

Written by tradeflooring July 31, 2021

Learn to clean wooden floors using Trade flooring intelligent ways that make your floorings even easier to maintain and give a glossy look for years

How to Clean Wood Floors

Regular once-in-a-time cleaning of hardwood floors is wonderful using a broom or dust mop. It depends on the traffic on your hardwood floors. For rapid cleaning, the dust wood floors are cleaned with a mop to collect dust, grime, and pet hair that might rub the surface of the floor. The finest mop on hardwood floor options includes microfiber-headed floor options.

This material is used for trapping grime and dust. Follow the instructions of mop manufacturer’s for polishing or dusting floors of the wood keep in mind that certain mops will not require an additional cleaning agent.

Don’t ignore vacuuming when contemplating cleaning hardwood floors. Vacuum with a board brush attachment for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning. Do not use a vacuum that can harm a wood floor finish with a beater bar attachment. Use electrostatic cloths for fast dusting.

The right way to mop wooden floors

Preventive measures and routine cleaning is the best technique to clean hardwood floors, although it’s occasionally cleaner. Over time, dirt, oil, and grain build-up and are not eliminated by weekly dusting.

Use a wood floor pan and a cleaning chemical diluted in accordance with package directions to make the floors clear and clean (consider cleaning in the spring or just before the winter).

Saturate a sponge or a rag mop in the water, wring it down until it is almost dry. Damp the floor and take care to avoid water standing on the ground. In clean water, rinse with a clean mop moistened, but only as requested by the product. Remove excess water since water standing can harm the surfaces of wood. When the weather is wet, use a ceiling ventilator or air conditioner to accelerate the drying process. You may need to refine the wood floors to make them appear new when cleaning does not.