How Antelao Wood Flooring proves best for your home

How Antelao Wood Flooring proves best for your home

Written by tradeflooring July 1, 2021

Due to the various benefits it now has over traditional choices, such as wood flooring, carpets, and laminates, Antelao flooring is becoming a highly preferred material in many commercial situations. The various important areas, which not only give your room a living but also provide a practical and safer alternative, including providing waterproof, durable, and slippery floors easy to clean, fit, and low maintenance.

Antelao is a luxurious flooring option ideal for those developments that receive heavy foot traffic daily. Thanks to its many advantages, we cannot suggest Antelao enough regardless of the project in hand from family homes, businesses, lobbies, hotels, retrofitting buildings, and more. it’s known as the hidden weapons of interior designers.

Why Buy Antelao?

No Under No Underlay Required

The protective layer under it, s built into every board of the trade floor, thus no additional underlay is required.

Simple Installation

The trade Flooring system is unbelievably easy to fit using the latest fitting  method. The board just clicks without an adhesive together.

100% Waterproof

Our floor is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and a wide range of business tasks. It’s also great for everyday living.

Antelao Luxury Rigid Planks

Its surface is textured and finished with a commercial grade heavy-duty wear layer with a real-wood effect. It is Waterproof, rubber, and scratchproof and suited for underfloor heating applications. Its installation is quick and uncomplicated. Healthy, sustainable flooring.

Antelao Luxury Herringbone

Antelao has a very smooth tone fluctuation among individual pieces with the wood-like look and its textured surface. For this added wooden character. A major aspect in choosing the proper flooring product for you or the flooring solutions for your customer is the commercially-grade heavy duty and suitable for a range of situations. The herringbone series offers numerous boxes concerning flooring possibilities .